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Why and how we are different.

At Baseline Psychiatry, we offer a unique range of services to help our clients achieve optimal mental health and performance.


Athletic and General Psychiatric Evaluation

Our highlighted athletic psychiatric evaluation is designed to assess each patient's unique needs and create a personalized treatment plan. Adolescents are guaranteed an extensive two hour assessment protocol over 2 visits, adults are guaranteed 90 minutes, and both receiving 30 minute follow-ups. 


Medication Management

We offer medication management for a variety of mental health conditions, including mood disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD.


With every intake*, biometric data involving EKG, Heart Rate variability, blood pressure, orthostatics and more is used to develop a custom plan for medication regimen and/or psychotherapy.

*You have the option to opt out of the biometric information if you choose.


Sleep Disorders

We specialize in the treatment of sleep disorders, including insomnia, other sleep-related issues. Athletes on the road face unique challenges regarding sleep, which we are equipped to assist.


Athletic/Sports Psychiatry & General Psychiatry

Our sports psychiatry program is designed specifically for athletes and focuses on improving performance, enhancing mental fortitude, and addressing the unique psychological challenges that athletes face. If sports is not your passion, still come in! You will receive the same treatment, regardless.



Psychotherapy involves dedicated time to what you need and what you have going on. With evaluation and management, psychotherapy comes in tandem with that and any medication regimen we discuss and as agreed.

Practice Areas

Our Role

  • Conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and assessments.

  • Develop individualized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each athlete.

  • Collaborating with other members of the sports medicine team, including primary care physicians, physical therapists, coaches, and athletic trainers.

  • Advocating for the integration of mental health services into sports medicine and athletic programs.

  • Prioritizing the athlete's/patient's goals and implementation of plans of care combining Sports Medicine and Psychiatry. 

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