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  • What exactly IS sports and athletic psychiatry?
    Sports psychiatry is a branch of medicine where experts help athletes deal with their mental health and emotional challenges to enhance their performance and overall happiness. It's like having a mental coach specifically for athletes, helping them manage stress, anxiety, and other issues that can affect their game. They tailor treatment plans specifically to athletes, collaborate with coaches and interdisciplinary teams.
  • What should I expect my first visit?
    In short, something different. We will allow those who opt for it a workout to end the session. The reason for this is to better optimize your individualized athletic plan of action moving forward. You should expect to spend 1.5 hours with the provider to include a full history, EKG, various cardiac and blood pressure parameter markers, and more.
  • Are you just a pill pusher?
    No. Our goal is oftentimes less is more. That said, our goal is to work individually with the athletes and coaching staff as appropriate. Some athletes and people may not need medication. However, we are able to write prescriptions when justified.
  • Are you a sports psychologist?
    We are a team dedicated to working alongside counselors, psychologists, teachers, coaches, and yourself to better assist in your individualized success. Sports psychology focuses on the specifics of how you play your game and your ability to do so. We focus on the underlying mental health, sleep, mood and feelings that might be needing treatment beyond their scope. Ideally, we work with sports psychologists and yourself for your goals.
  • Do you only see athletes?
    We are a sports-focused outpatient psychiatry clinic offers help to athletes dealing with mental health issues. We also provide services like counseling, therapy, and medication management to improve everyone's well-being and performance. It's a place where athletes and others can get support for things like stress, anxiety, depression, and other challenges that might affect their sports performance.
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